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Diary update, Kelsey and Katy January 2023

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Hello. Happy New Year!

Me and Katy are spending some time together today so it’s a joint update this time. As you’d expect we’ve got our matching pj’s on. It’s pretty early and Katy’s off camera drinking her tea – ha ha!

I think the last time we caught up was at the Senedd event wasn’t it? The Through our Eyes Project Exhibition.

It was a great day and we ate lots of the Welsh cakes after getting a bit lost and arriving a bit late. We just about caught half of the First Ministers speech, which was good. Luckily the Senedd security was quick and easy for us. We didn’t go beep walking through the scanner.

The pics were awesome. Obviously, I thought the pic of Katy was the best. I’m not just saying that because she’s sat here – ha ha.

The huge pictures looked brill too. All the images were really positive.

We both liked the giant wood mushroom in the middle of the building and we had some pics taken standing by it.

Katy – Christmas wasn’t too busy. We didn’t have any groups. Just as well because I was Ill with a cold. I managed ok with some Paracetamol, and I just cwtched up in my blanket of the sofa at my grandpa’s. We went there for Christmas dinner. I had loads of presents, so many I can’t remember them all. Things like Pj’s teddies, games and some chocolates.

Kelsey – I had so many chocolates for Christmas, I had to go to a friend’s so she could help me finish them! I had loads of other stuff too…A soft glow in the dark blanket and a scarf off Katy, an art set, nail varnish and a mini photo box.

We both spent New Year’s Eve at home with our families.

It’s good to be back out and about for our activities now though. We had a 3-hour rehearsal yesterday for our Agility show called Revolution. The performance is happening in April. We’ve got two of the main parts.

It’s my birthday soon and we’ve got a few things planned. Food with friends in Weatherspoon’s. I’m going to a local pub to have a meal with family on my birthday. Looking forward to choosing a cake.

We’re having an easy day today. Probably playing Harry Potter on the PS3.

Look forward to catching up soon!

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  1. Kelsey

    Haha I’m loving it best diary update lol loads of stuff for Christmas lol could not fit it on the list Kelly was laughing lol because all I did is talk lol I wouldn’t shut up what I had lol

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