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Diary update: Kelsey and Katy

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30th March 2022

Me and Katy have decided to do joint diary updates because we spend so much time together.

Did you notice that we’ve named ourselves the ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ on our Zoom call today? Ha ha!

We’ve been very busy doing activities since our last diary update and we’ve got a busy schedule of meetings today too, and then film night later on.

We love being busy with drama, dance and social groups in person and on Zoom.

We met Joe and Lucy from All Wales People First last Friday. They attended our Friday Friends group in Port Talbot. Lucy took some pictures for the Through our Eyes Photography Project.

We’ve got a Grease show coming up in June so we’re busy rehearsing for that. We’re going to London at the end of June with the dance group. We’ll be dancing while we’re there and probably do lots of sightseeing. Looking forward to that

We’ve both been doing some voluntary work too. Wrapping lucky dip prizes for a local cat rescue. They have a charity event at the Rugby club soon.

I also volunteer at the self-advocacy group.

It’s so much easier to be independent now that lockdown has eased and it feels safer to get on the buses. No need to rely on my Mum to drive us around anymore.

The bus service is pretty regular and reliable in our area. The timetable could do with being a bit easier to understand but we’ve got to know the times because we go out and about so much. We did get on the wrong bus the other day though!

It’s nice to get in our pj’s after finishing a busy day, and then have some food. Tonight is curry.

We’re still in our pjs this morning – I bought us matching ones for Katy’s Birthday.

My back has been bad this week so we’re having a slower start to the day. I came out in a big bruise after a massage and it’s quite sore. I’ve been doing some stretches to help.

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