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Life in Lockdown: Nicole, September 2020

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7th September

I’m back in work and that’s going well.  Because of working in a care home, I’ve had to have a couple of Covid tests – they’re not very pleasant!

I’ve lost another couple of pounds in weight – 39lbs in total so far, so I’m very pleased with myself.  Gig Buddies had a Pride event online last week and I dressed up as a drag queen. They had workshops to show you how to do the make-up.

I went to a farm with Alex (staff) last week – it was great fun and I fed loads of the animals, including Hugo the friendly sheep.  I’ve made cookies with Alex too and I’ve been doing more of the cross stitch I started in August.

We went out for my partner’s birthday – we both had cocktails and got a bit ‘merry’.

I’m off to Tenby for a few days soon and Alex (my partner) and I have got a day out in Oakwood planned for early October. I hope Covid doesn’t stop it.

28th September

My county is in lockdown again so I think my trip to Oakwood with my partner might be off. Luckily, I’m still allowed to go into work and I made bread with the residents the other day.  I also help with the Bingo. 

I’ve been taking Princess the dog out for walks – she’s lost one of her baby teeth now and she was 5 months old yesterday.  We’ve been to Darren Park and Pen y Fan Pond.  I’ve seen Alex (staff) too.

It’s easy to get bored during lockdown, but I’ve joined the Electric Umbrella National Choir on Zoom – it meets once a week.  I also joined a Kazoom event on Friday and dressed up in drag again – my nickname was Jim from Rosie and Jim.  I’m still doing my cross-stitch too. I love Christmas and I’ve been listening to Christmas songs already!

I’ve been with my partner Alex for a year next week.  I was hoping we could meet up outside (as we’re in the same county) but he lives in shared accommodation so he’ll have to check with the house manager to see if he’s allowed.

I have 2 more pounds to lose and then I’ll have lost 3 stone in weight. I’m going to celebrate with a Chinese take-away (chicken balls, chips and sweet and sour sauce)!!

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