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Diary update, Jac: Feb 2024

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My name is Jac and I live with my family in a small village on Anglesey. I’m a first language Welsh speaker.  I’m in my early twenties and I went to secondary school in the village and had one to one support.

Now I volunteer with my local self-advocacy group, Roaring Mon and I translate their social media into Welsh for them.  They meet weekly online.

I also volunteer with Innovate Trust as a Peer Led Team Member for the Insight app.  I help organise discos, music and chat sessions.  My favourite music is mainly Welsh language music.  I did set up a ‘Learn Welsh’ session on the Insight app too.

It’s quite difficult to get out and about in Anglesey because public transport is not very good.  The buses stop early and this means that you can’t go out in the evenings. I used to use the bus a lot but now I have to rely on family members to give me a lift.

I love politics – I watch Prime Minister’s Questions each week and I know lots about each political party.  I know some people think it’s boring, but I find it really interesting.

Recently I met the Leader of Anglesey council to talk about the issues facing people with learning disabilities. We talked about the bus issues and how the lack of public transport affects people with learning disabilities.

They told me I could be the voice of people with a learning disability and should join the community council in the village!

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