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Life in lockdown: Sophie, April 2021

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9th April:

I’ve had toothache and a migraine all week and I feel rotten.  I managed to get an emergency dentist appointment for this afternoon so I hope they’ll be able to resolve it.  I haven’t been able to sleep and I’ve missed my usual Electric Umbrella events.  I’ve had my mental health assessment but I’m still waiting for some clarity on which part of the Mental Health Act I come under.  I am still having chest pains linked to anxiety.

I had my Covid vaccine on 16th March – it was very well organised, quick, easy and efficient and the staff were really helpful.  It only took a few minutes.

I met up with my fiancé last Saturday in Ferryside and we had a walk on the beach.  I picked up a takeaway afterwards and went to see Wally the walrus in Tenby.  I met up with another AWPF member who was on holiday down at Tenby too – we haven’t seen each other for ages. 

I go back to work at the end of May/early June – I’ll need to go shopping for new work tops before then, but I’ll leave it until a couple of weeks after the shops have all opened as I think it will be really busy.

One of the Pembrokeshire People First member’s mums gave us some Easter egg prizes for bingo last week!  That was really nice of her.

21st April:

Well, I got a dentist’s appointment and it turned out I had an abscess so I had a week’s worth of antibiotics – I’m back there in early May to have the tooth out.

I’ve been having some problems with my neighbour again who has tried to stop us sitting outside.  I phoned the police and the council and they have said that it is fine for us to sit outside in the evenings as long as we’re not causing an obstruction or making too much noise.

I started my extra, summer job in Tenby last week – I clean a guesthouse one day a week during the summer season and we’ve been getting things ready for re-opening hospitality. I picked up my new work clothes for my job in the restaurant too so I’m all set for starting back.

Some of my friends from AWPF are coming to Tenby this weekend so I’m really looking forward to seeing them – the weather is going to be great too.  I’m hoping to go to Cardiff the following weekend to meet up with a friend I’ve made online who lives there.

No more news from the mental health team yet – I’m still waiting to hear what they are putting in place for me.

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