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Life in lockdown: Sam, February 2021

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Covid 19 – Life in Lockdown

1st February 2021


I’ve moved!  I’ve got my own, self-contained flat with a kitchen/diner, bedroom, bathroom and storage space.  There’s a manager downstairs and lots of other flats. There’s a nice communal area downstairs too where we can socialise with each other. I’m only five minutes away from where I was living before.

I know quite a few of the other residents from when I used to go to the day centre.  It’s great here and my boyfriend has been able to visit.

I’m still waiting to get my internet connected and I’ve been keeping myself busy through lockdown by doing jigsaws and etching.  I also cooked a roast chicken dinner from scratch last weekend.  I’m finding it hard to keep busy at the moment though.

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