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Life in lockdown: Nicole, November

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9th November: It’s almost a month since we last chatted and we’re out of our second lockdown.  I am meeting Alex (my partner) tomorrow for the first time in a few weeks. We’re going to go to PenyFan pond for a walk.  I’m really excited.

I’m only 10 lbs off my target weight now.  I’ve joined the ‘Drag Project’ with a few of my friends.  I love drag and the project teaches you how to put the make up on and what to wear.  My character is called ‘Flossy Sunshine’.  I dress up in drag when I go to the Gig Buddies events and Electric Umbrella shows.  Talking of Electric Umbrella, it was my turn to co-host the singalong last Friday.  I had to let people into the Zoom room and welcome them.

My work finished on 31st October – they couldn’t keep me on any longer.  I feel very sad to finish but will look for something else.  I’ve been busy with my cross stitch during this last lockdown and also doing ‘diamond art’.  I enjoy being creative. 

I feel so much chirpier now that the lockdown is over and I’m really excited for Christmas.

23rd November: I’m going out for a meal at lunchtime today with Alex (staff) – turkey and all the trimmings!  I’m really looking forward to it.  I met up with Alex, my partner, last week and am seeing him again tomorrow.  I’ve also booked a farm visit for later in the week so I’m quite busy.

I went shopping in Cardiff and Cwmbran last week – we went to Winter Wonderland but it was a bit disappointing to be honest. I love Christmas and I have a Christmas tree up in my bedroom already!

I’m getting used to my new glasses, I haven’t worn them before.  I do miss going to work though – they laid me off at the end of October and I miss the routine. I’ve been looking for something else but no luck so far.

I’ve been busy with Electric Umbrella events and Gig Buddies Zoom parties.  We met Sophie Ellis Bextor at an Electric Umbrella event last week and I got to ask her a question. I asked her if she’d ever been to Wales and she has!

I’m still dressing up in drag and really enjoying the Gig Buddies drag events, led by Ernie Sparkles.

Electric Umbrella’s new album, due out in the new year, features me and a couple of my friends and I’ve been recording with the Big Yellow Choir.

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