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Life in lockdown: Ffion, January 2021

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6th January:

We had a great Christmas – quiet and much less stressful than normal.  I’m not sure it’s ideal to have to open presents on the driveway when people can’t come into your house though!  Mum and I were quite pleased when the lockdown was brought forward as it took the pressure off for Christmas Day!

I’ve got a personal trainer now – she’s brilliant and seems to really have a good understanding of autism.  I have a dislocated kneecap and because of Covid, my consultant appointment keeps getting cancelled, so I have to be careful when exercising.

I’ve started doing Tik Tok training sessions for members – showing them how to use Tik Tok in a safe way and keep their accounts private. It’s been quite popular.

My friend is getting married in March and I am now her only bridesmaid as she’s had to scale down the wedding because of Covid.  The reception will be outdoors in a park – it’s not the wedding she was hoping for but she’s already had to rearrange it a couple of times because of the pandemic.

27th January:

I’ve been a bit up and down emotionally these past couple of weeks.  I think I’m doing too much so I’m trying to sort out my work/life balance and make sure I get enough time to relax and spend time with the family and my little nephew.  Some days I seem to go from meeting to meeting (as many as 5 meetings sometimes) and it’s too much.

The Tik Tok sessions I’m doing are going well and they’re quite well attended.  I’m going into the office on Mondays and Tuesdays still and joining in on lots of activities on the Insight App such as cardio work-outs, karaoke and quizzes.

I’m interviewing potential nursing students in February as part of my volunteering role with TRAC (Teaching, Research Advisory Council) to ensure that potential nursing students understand the specific needs of people with learning disabilities when they are in hospital or need an ambulance.

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