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Life in lockdown diary: David & Clare, May 2020

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4th May 2020

We’re feeling ok today. Not too bad. I’m really missing being able to ply basketball on Fridays, and Clare is missing being out and about and seeing friends through lunch club.

We’re still not sure if it’s just Clare who’s been asked to stay at home or if it’s me too. The hosing provider called again and asked Clare if she’s had a letter from the Doctor to shield. Clare hasn’t had any letter.

We feel out of the loop with communications which affect us, and we’re confused about what we should be doing.

Clare’s feeling tearful quite a lot.

On a good note, Clare found some self-raising flour a few days ago, so we’ve been able to do some baking.

I’m bored and sleeping much more than usual. Clare and I are waking up a lot later than we usually would.

We’re supposed to be going to a sports tournament in November. I usually compete at pool, and Clare does tennis and golf. We’re not sure if that will still go ahead. The not knowing is really hard as it doesn’t give us anything to focus on or look forward to.

We’re a bit confused about announcements from Westminster and from ales and which rules we need to listen to when announcements are made.

If an announcement s made to tell us we are allowed to get out more and do more things, we think that means we will be safe to do what the government tells us we’re allowed to do.

28th May 2020

Clare’s fine this week, but it’s just me giving a diary update today. We’ve been making biscuits, climbing the local mountain and joining the clap for the NHS on Thursday’s.

We managed to get hold of some more flour, which is good!

We’ve had a message about the Special Olympics Wales to say we won’t be able to take part in an event in August 2021. We feel frustrated about that because August 2021 is a long way off at the moment. We don’t get why the decision has been taken so far in advance. Clare was going to do boucher.

We hope the Friday announcement will not lift lockdown. I don’t think it’s safe to lift lockdown until there’s a vaccine. I think what’s happening in England with easing lockdown is ridiculous.

I’m glad we live in Wales as it feels like the Welsh Government is concerned about the welfare of people. I don’t feel like a number.

I’m not sure journalists are asking the right questions during the daily Welsh updates. I wish I could ask a question. I’d like to ask “If we get a vaccine, which people will get it first?”.

As far as social distancing is concerned, what does two metres look like? It’s not easy to tell without measuring. That way of measuring distance is not accessible for everyone.

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