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Life in Lockdown: Ann & Neil, November 2020

author icon author icon 06/01/2021 author icon News

We’ve had such a busy few weeks.  Ann has been to the hospital twice recently.  Once for her eye assessment and once for an assessment about having her gall bladder removed.

Ann is having her eye done in the new year and she’ll have to have a covid test three days beforehand. 

We’re still trying to move house. We went to see a private rented property the other day, and the landlord promised to get back to us but he hasn’t.  We are desperate to have a garden especially for Ann to do her exercise and she loves gardening.  We really don’t like living where we are now.  There’s damp in our bedroom so Ann has moved the bed into the living room. We’re busy packing and sorting out our stuff in case anything comes up soon. 

The coffee and chit chat mornings are still going on with West Glamorgan PF and some reps from the Ambulance service have been turning up to them.  Neil hasn’t had as much chance to take part in his normal online meetings because we’ve been so busy. 

Ann is waiting to hear if she’s been re-elected as the rep for Swansea on the AWPF National Council.  She won’t know until December.  It’s karaoke tonight with Your Voice Advocacy & West Glamorgan PF – Ann will probably sing a Lewis Capaldi song.

We did a video interview with Lucy from All Wales People First’s photography project called Through our Eyes.  She interviewed us about our experiences during the pandemic. 

Neil had his birthday the other week – he did well for presents, including a smart watch, CD, shoes and a ring!

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