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Joe’s Soapbox June 2020

author icon author icon 08/06/2020 author icon Joe's Soapbox

All Wales People First are doing a lot of work on Coronavirus.

We know that this is an important issue for our members.

We have been working with Public Health Wales, Welsh Government, and our Consortium partners:

  • Learning Disability Wales
  • Mencap Cymru
  • All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers

We have been working together to see the best ways to feed in the views and experiences of people with learning disabilities and parents and carers at this time.

We have asked members about how they have been affected by Covid 19.

And we have asked local groups about how they have been supporting members.

Kelly Stuart has been collecting members stories.

And helping some members to update a diary on their experiences.

All of this has been put together in a report.

The report has been written by our MIRROR Co-Ordinator, Philippa Davies.

This has been shared with:

  • Third sector organisations (charities etc)
  • Welsh Government
  • Decision makers

We are updating this report and will continue to share.

The information in the report tells us members are struggling to understand what is going on with Covid 19.

This is because the information is not accessible.

And because the information is changing all the time.

We are now putting out weekly video messages to explain what is happening in an accessible way.

Engage to Change Lead Ambassador Gerraint Jones Griffiths is doing the English update.

James Andrew, National Council rep for Flintshire, is doing the Welsh version.

We hope you find this helpful.

In addition to this I am attending many other groups to feed in your experiences.

We are taking what you have to say seriously.

And so are the people who are telling about your experiences.

I thank you so much for working with us.


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