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Diary update, Nicole, May 2023

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The last time we chatted, I was getting ready to go to Ernie Sparkles’ 40th birthday party – that was wild!  Since then, we’ve had a drag party for the Eurovision Song Contest and we’re still practicing regularly.

I went on a cruise in April with my family to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge.  I had the full ‘Amsterdam experience’ – that was fun! 

We also went to Bergen Belsen, the concentration camp and that was very upsetting.

On the ship, Chesney Hawkes was the entertainer – remember he sang ‘I am the One and Only’?  He was lovely and he gave me a kiss.

I’m so looking forward to AdFest this year – I didn’t go last year because I couldn’t get to north Wales.  I have been before though – to the Port Talbot and Wrexham AdFests.  I’m sharing a room with my friend and we’ll be going into Cardiff on the Monday night.  It’s going to be a busy week that week.  On the Friday before AdFest I’m going to my first ever wrestling match (to watch, not wrestle!).  Then it’s Pride in Cardiff and we’re doing the parade in full drag, then it’s AdFest in Cardiff.  I’ll be shattered by the end of it because straight after AdFest finishes, I’ll be off for my weekly drag session.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to rely on public transport – I live with my mum and she drives me where I need to go.  My support staff are still coming every day and they took my boyfriend and me to Mainstage last week.  I’m going again for my birthday this week – it’s my favourite place. 

Remember I said that I had been given a place in a purpose built flat so that I could live independently?  They’re starting work on building them by the end of this month so that’s exciting.

I’m still involve with the Insight App. and I won an award for my co-assistant work on the online yoga – helping those who joined the yoga session to know what to do. 

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