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Diary update: Kelsey and Luke, December 2023

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(Kelsey) Where do I start?! Quite a big change since we last had a catch up. I’m sat in my own house today. I don’t live at home with my Mum anymore. Luke and me managed to get our own place.

I was worried for a bit as we were on a few housing lists, but places are hard to get. A family member found this place for us. It was online with an agency. One minute we were looking at it and the next we had our front door keys. It happened very quickly.

Well, as you can imagine, I didn’t even know about the house when we did our last catch up in August. By 20th November we had the keys.

We only had a look and did some measuring up on 20th, we didn’t move in that day. Luke moved in for a few days before me.

(Luke) It wasn’t really furnished so we had to get things like a sofa. A friend gave us one, which was a big help. We didn’t have an oven yet, just an air fryer. An oven is on our list for January.

Kelsey brough a lot of her bits and bobs for decoration. Between that and her clothes, there’s enough to fill a few houses I’d say ha ha! I’ve just got two drawers for my clothes.

(Kelsey) We’re getting on really well and everything feels so chilled. We love doing our own thing. Making our own decisions.

We do some stuff together, but we still do things separately as well. Like, I still go to Dragons group and the friends group with Katy and other friends. I stayed over at Katy’s on Friday, and we went to Dragons together on Saturday. Katy’s been to our new house to visit a few times.

(Luke) I work part time so I’m out a fair bit. I’ve had a lot of overtime lately and been doing more like full time hours. It’ll all help to pay for our wedding next year.

I’m cutting back on Christmas presents this year. Agreed not to do any as we’ve got the wedding coming up. Just can’t afford to do it all.

We’re off to Kelsey’s Mum’s for Christmas day. I don’t mind giving a hand with the cooking if they want. I quite enjoy it.  

(Kelsey) Yeah, we’re looking forward to going to my Mum’s for Christmas and seeing everyone, including the dogs of course. It’s quiet without them. I’ve got them some Christmas presents.


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