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Diary update, Faye: November 2023

author icon author icon 06/11/2023 author icon News

I had a crisis with my mental health a few weeks ago.

It led to me being moved to the place where I go for respite.

I thought it was a permanent move but it’s all very confusing.

Turns out that I’m moving back home this week.

I’m feeling more positive after a break in respite. It’s been very difficult and I’ve felt emotional at times. I was feeling homesick last week but the one to one support here has helped me to get through it all.

I usually just stay in respite for a few days every 6 weeks but this longer stay has helped me to chill and feel better.

I’m worried about moving home without the right support in place. If there’s no support then I’m worried it could have a bad affect on relationships at home. I don’t want to experience another crisis. I don’t understand what the plans are right now, so I will have to chat with my Social Worker.

When I go home, I’d like to get straight back to my busy routine so that I don’t have time to feel anxious or depressed.

I’ll be back to the Gateway Clubs and dog walks. Thursdays can be difficult as I don’t have regular plans.

I joined a local choir about 8 weeks ago and that was going well. We were practicing for performances in December, so I’d like to get back to Choir when I go home. The Choir’s Medieval day performance should be good fun as there will be stalls and other activities.

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