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Through our Eyes Project (2020 – 2021)

Hello everyone.

My name is Natasha Hirst and I am a photographer.

Some members know me because I have taken photos at conferences and AdFest.

I’m very excited to let you know about a new project that has started at All Wales People First.

All Wales People First staff worked with the National Council to decide what this project will be about.

The project is called “Through Our Eyes”. You will use photos and videos to change the way people think about people with learning disabilities.

I will be running the project.

We will employ a photographer to work with me on the project.

The photographer will have learning disabilities.

We will work with members on the “Through Our Eyes” project to make photos and videos. We will also make memes.

Memes have words with photos or pictures. We can use memes to share ideas and messages and jokes on social media.

Members will come up with ideas for the photos and videos and memes.

The photos and videos will help other people to understand what life is like for people with learning disabilities.

We want people to learn about the things that are important to you.

We want people to understand that we should all value and respect people with learning disabilities.

We want newspapers and magazines to use the photos and videos that you make.

This will improve how people with learning disabilities are represented in the news and on social media.

Social media includes Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

You can have training to learn how to use social media.

If you already use social media, you will be even better at using it!

You might have ideas for other things we can do too.

We wanted to visit your groups to talk about your ideas and what you want to do.

Because of the coronavirus we can’t visit anybody yet.

We will start the “Through Our Eyes” project online instead.

The coronavirus pandemic means that our lives have changed a lot.

We have to stay at home and we can’t do some of things that we would like to like meet our friends.

Many people find these changes difficult and upsetting.

Sharing videos and photos is a good way to help each other to feel better.

Sharing videos and photos helps other people to understand what your life is like and what is important to you.

I have enjoyed seeing the videos and photos that members have made during lockdown.

We want to see lots more of your videos and photos so we have decided to have a competition!


Entries for the competition close on 22nd May 2020

You can learn more about the competition by visiting our news section here