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Cross Party Group on Disability Meeting at the Senedd

15th March 2017

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All Wales People First Logo[2]-page-001All Wales People First attended the Cross Party Group on Disability meeting at the Senedd this afternoon.

HEAD-AND-SHOULDERSThe meeting was sponsored by Mark Isherwood AM

CapitaCAPITA spoke to the meeting about Personal Independence Payments, and about assessments.

Group-32_1024x1024Lots of people in the audience said that they were not happy about the way some Personal Independence Payment assessments are done.

Stethoscope_1024x1024People in the audience said this is because medical professionals who do the assessments do not always have enough knowledge and experience about a person’s impairment or condition.

Group-32_1024x1024The audience gave some examples, where they said that people being assessed for personal Independence Payments had not been treated fairly and with respect.

Here are a few things which Capita said at the meeting

“We undertake about twenty thousand assessments per month. We are never going to say that we get them all right. There is a complaints process in place to deal with situations which we may have got wrong - we invite claimants to use this"

"Personal Independence Payment assessments are not intended to be a specialist diagnostic assessment. They are about assessing how a person's impairment affects every day living".

"We urge people to use the complaints process where we may have got it wrong, or where you have bad assessment experiences”.

"If health professionals do not stick to assessment schedules, then we want to know. We have control over this, and can take action- Please let us know."

Speak_Up_Bubble1_1024x1024This is an excellent opportunity to get your voice heard and to use your experiences to help us to shape change.

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