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The All Wales People First National Council

The All Wales People First National Council is made up of representatives from People First and self advocacy members  across Wales.

Local groups themselves choose the representatives.
The National Council decides what we do.

They take direction from the wider membership at the Annual Conference.
They discuss local issues and decide on national actions.

They also choose the Board of Directors.

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Lucy Hinksman (Chair)
(Pembrokeshire People First)

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Janice Partridge (Vice-Chair)
(Cardiff People First)

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Catherine Watchorn

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Sammy Trenammis
(Blaenau Gwent People First)

Michelle Williams
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Ian Millward
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James Andrew

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James Lewis

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David Whittle
(Powys People First)

Linton Gower
(Wrexham SOUL)

The All Wales People First Board of Directors

The All Wales People First Board of Directors is responsible for the financial and legal governance of All Wales People First.

Each Board member is elected by the All Wales People First National Council.

Our Board of Directors is made up of very experienced people in both the third and private sector as well as some members of People First groups across Wales.

The Board of Directors give advice to the National Council.

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Glayne Walker (Co-Chair)

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Yvonne Boxall (Co-Chair)
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John Thomas (Treasurer)
Hedd Emrys
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Tracey Good
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Lucy Hinksman
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Sophie Hinksman
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Janice Partridge
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Bernard Pearson

The All Wales People First Staff Team

All Wales People First employ four members of staff.

The staff ensure that the All Wales People First Business Plan, which is designed by our National Council is implemented at a National Level.

Our Current Business Plan can be found in the Download Section of this Website.

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Joe Powell
(National Director)
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Kelly Stuart
(Executive Assistant to the National Director)
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Tracey Drew
(National Council Development Officer)
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Rebecca Williams
(Business Manager)