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MIRROR Policy Documents

Annual leave

Appraisal policy

Board – expenses claim policy

Board – health check

Board – outline Board Induction pack

Board – personal interests policy and form

Board – what makes a good Board member

Compassionate leave


Data Protection (GDPR Compliant)

Development and Training Policy

Disciplinary policy

Environmental Policy

Equality and diversity policy

Everyone – Different Roles

Everyone – Using MIRROR to make policies

Exit interview

Finance Handbook

Flexible Working

General – Health and safety risk assessment form

Grievance Policy

Health and safety policy

Homeworking Policy

Induction and Probation policy

Job Sharing Policy

Lone working policy

Member – Being a member

Member Led

Office Security Policy (home based staff)

Office Security Policy (office based staff)

Parental leave

Pay Scales

Recruitment policy

Redundancy policy

Retirement policy


Social Media

Staff – Sickness policy and procedures

Supervision policy

Volunteering – complaints policy

Volunteering – readiness checklist

Volunteering – volunteer agreement

Volunteering policy

Welsh language



Practical information – Annual Report tips

Practical information – Day to day work

Practical information – Decisions – What Type of Organisation

Practical information – Keeping it legal and safe

Practical information – Money

Practical information – Policies and handbooks

Practical information – Starting a new self advocacy organisation

Practical information – Tenders projects and funders

Practical information – Who makes the decisions

Practical information – Help!

Practical information – Introduction

Practical information – Using the Acts



New Expenses for staff members

New Expenses for Board members

New Finance Handbook

New Staff Sickness policy and procedures