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Joe’s Soapbox

Looking forward to seeing you for our AdFest National Conference 2018!

author icon author icon 11/10/2018 author icon Joe's Soapbox

I’ve been busy with the team recently, getting ready for our big Adfest National Conference next week! We’re almost set…

What’s in a name?

author icon author icon 19/07/2018 author icon Joe's Soapbox

A few years ago, All Wales People First looked at the term ‘Learning Disability.’ We wondered if our National Council…

Cat C Abuse

author icon author icon 15/02/2018 author icon Joe's Soapbox

An interesting article by Joe Powell, which was first published in ‘Llais’ (a Learning Disability Wales publication)

National Conference 2018

author icon author icon 31/01/2018 author icon Joe's Soapbox

I am delighted that this year’s National Conference will be held in North Wales. This was decided by the National…

Lead Ambassador Job, Engage to Change Project – New Closing date 5th January

author icon author icon 20/11/2017 author icon Joe's Soapbox

We have an exciting job opportunity for a Lead Ambassador. This is part of the Engage to Change Project. Please…

Joe’s Soapbox

author icon author icon 01/10/2017 author icon Joe's Soapbox

Welcome to my first blog ‘Joe’s Soapbox.’ Today I want to talk to you about our 2017 National Conference. Our…